Dress Code Dialectic or Don’t Be A Bratty Teacher




Dress Code Dialectic



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine










The headmaster knew that he was in for it when his young, probationary teacher arrived wearing a trench coat. Joelle removed the coat to display that she was wearing her old schoolgirl uniform. She thought this funny, the headmaster did not. In the guise of a joke this was her passive-aggressive way of rebelling against Dr. Valentine who had recently punished her for wearing clothes more appropriate for a night at the club, rather than teaching class at an exclusive prep school. After explaining that the wearing of her school uniform had unwanted sexual connotations as well, Headmaster Valentine took Joelle over his lap and spanked her with the hairbrush on her bare bottom.


Dr. Valentine is very concerned about his protégée. He knows that she is a brilliant young woman who has much to offer the students, yet she has proven undisciplined in her comportment. For her part, Joelle knew that dressing in schoolgirl uniform was a true act of defiance. Right now she is think better of such rebelliousness and the hairbrush strikes her bare bottom over and over again. After starting the spanking being defiant towards her mentor, now she is pleading for her punishment to stop interspersed with promises of compliance. After her spanking Joelle can but stand in Professor Valentine’s living room, rub her bottom and wonder where it all went wrong.


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  • Tim:

    David young Joelle gets big sound spanks from Headmaster.my best wishes to her.A Family Business is a great series ,the dvd sounds grand shame that U.S.banks do not take cheques from U.K. ,best from ,Tim.

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    THanks Tim