DVD Sale: Clambering For More ( plus i made a mistake) Because you asked for it, All DVDS are $20.00 until June 30





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  • Ricky:

    Yes PLEASE do the sale again. I didn’t realize you had all your dvds at $20 and missed out on it. :(



    Truthfully, I didn’t give you guys a lot of notice. I thought of it at 0100 on Friday..really Saturday morning.  Here is something that I didn’t consider either. Many of our DVD buyers do so via mail-order. I apologize for that.


    Here is what we will do. When I get done here I will lower the prices on the DVDS to $20.00 each. As I said before, we have 73 DVDS now and not all are up on the Videos4sale store ..so if you want a DVD that isn’t there just let me know what it is you want and I will post it. I’ve been trying to get the store in some sort of order. This sale will run until June 30th.


    For our mail-order friends send your orders to:


    PB Productions

    PO Box 413

    Doylestown, PA 18901






    For Credit Card Purchases just click on Adriana







    You can see previews here



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