Erica Corvinva: A Top Ten Reason Why I hate Vanilla Boyfriends

Before I start, let me say that I do not believe in vanilla people. They are but a myth such as the yeti, Sasquatch and the assertion that intelligent life has been  found in Texas outside of Austin.

 I remember that day Erica stepped foot on our set so well.  She was not tentative at all. She was instantly a member of  ‘The PunishedBrats Players’. She was/is a true person of spanking.  She was also highly intelligent ( 95% of PB players are college grads), funny and a super athlete.  A track athlete of some renown. 

 One day I was asked if it would be acceptable if she brought her boyfriend with her. He was having some trouble with this.  I noted that It would be fine. We treat all of our model’s escorts very well. We even treat them to lunch.  He still wasn’t all that happy. I remember when I was shooting a scene with Erica he was starring daggers at me. Fortunately, the ville things he was thinking stayed in his head. One thing I will never tolerate is disruption or unpleasantness on our set.

A few weeks later I was informed that Erica’s beau was now her ex.  A few months ago, Erica shot her last with us. I remember that she was in some pain, as she tore her ACL while rock climbing.  The week after the shoot, I commissioned one of Pixie’s special photographic forays into the woods. Due to Erica’s knee, she couldn’t venture far. Pixie did take this naughty little pic. ( Many more in the gallery on the site)

 Erica had surgery shortly after( her fourth) and then found love once again. She and I chat every so often.  A few months ago she noted that she would like to come back. That love was on the rocks. Well she now has a new boyfriend and…….

Need I say more.

One of my favorite scenes with Eric was a little thing called ” A Reporter’s Reprimand’ in which Miss Corvina played a reporter investigating family life in America. In the process she got herself a spanking in the process.






     For more of Erica click on the image below.

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6 Responses to “Erica Corvinva: A Top Ten Reason Why I hate Vanilla Boyfriends”

  • Mark:

    I would love to see Erica back, but I suspect that boyfriends/husbands like Pixie and Lily Anna have found are the exception rather than the rule. And I’m not sure it’s just vanilla boyfriends. If I had a girlfriend as lovely and as spankable as Pixie, Lily, or Erica, I’m not sure I’d want to share them and have them over someone else’s knee…


  • Not really. Most in our world are quite comfotable with this. Erica was an adult model before I knew her. I belive you can not surpress who you are. I remember going to a convention with Pixie and Bevery Bacci. Pixie said she wasn’t going to play. Do her job and that was it. Next thing you know Pixie and Beverly were getting spanked over and over. Beverly is married too.

    • Mark:

      It seems strange that toppy men would be more willing to share than vanilla..But you have a lot more practice experience, so I’ll just say “that’s good to know”.

      I hope it will increase my odds of finding a play partner if I ever make it to a Party. {grin}


  • It’s because we are secure. In spanking, there are rules to abide by as well. Mark, it increases your odds.

  • tim:

    David it would be great to see young Erica again being spanked at P.B. ,best ,tim .