Excitement over Saturday and a reflection on the Punishedbrats Family and our Pandie Preview






This week I’ve been home with the flu. I haven’t even had a cold in many years, so this came as something of a surprise. I was worried about the shoot we had planned for Saturday.  Being home gave me time to think, at least during the few hours that I’ve been awake.

I know that I’ve said this about a thousand times in the past week, but we are planning something just a bit dark for this production.


It stars the terminally cute Mandie Rae.






We plan to do some very nasty things to this lovely lass.  Now, before the letters of bile start to flow my way let me just say that Miss Mandie came up with 90% of this story the first time we talked on the phone. I was on the horns of dilemma. She is cute, but she was applying for one of this yeas new series that I’m calling ‘ Mr. Pierson’s Discipline Series ‘. ( Yeah, there must be a better name) The focus in this series of stories is on the more intense style of CP.  My issues is that Mandie is so cute. It would be like beating the hell out of Dorothy Gale.  I told her that I was torn about this. In one way, she is a hardcore player, but she is very cute , which way to go?  Quoting the scarecrow she said ” Some people do go both ways”.  So we will use her cuteness and punish her well.


The story has grown just a but darker with the addition of Audrey as an evil nurse.







This will be a movie told in five parts.

Also starring in this film is Mr. Michael Valentine.






But I will be the main nasty person in this one.




pi100 pi1001


That cute Mandie has many sides.





mandie1 mandie2 mandie3 mandie4 mandie5


On Saturday , if we do this right, you will get to see her in totality .



From the beginning, Punishedbrats was a family affair. I started out doing this as a business and ended up creating an extended family. The heart of Punishedbrats was Rick, Pixie and me.  We were a family. Rick was my brother and in borg terms he was 4 of 9. I am 1 of 9.


Rick taught video journalism at a University in Philadelphia. He was well known to the broadcasting community here. Hell, he taught a lot of them. He was a bit leery of shooting adult material because of his position. My wife talked him in to shooting for me one time as I organized my company. Once we did the first shoot with Pixie, he was hooked. In fact, we were back in the studio shooting a full length DVD two weeks later. We sold the rights to Jennifer Brooks and I believe Dallas now owns the video.


We each brought something to the table. Rick was a master at shooting and editing. Pixie was Pixie and she also wanted to design and be our webmaster. I put up the money plus my experience in the field. Our family expanded over the years. I’ve always regarded Veronica as the 4th brat.  Friends such as Beverly Bacci, Chloe Elise, Sarah Gregory, Erica Corvina, Miss Susan, Charlie Skye; Andy San Dimas , Holly dey and Vanessa all made up our cadre.


It’s hard to believe that it will be three years since Rick died.  He was there for me at any hour should I be stressed beyond my tolerance.  Certain changes over the past few weeks had gotten me  very stressed and feeling very alone.  After working out the format of Punishedbrats I only wanted to work with Partners and not hired hands.  People with Skin in the game so to speak.


In the past few months a new team has been forming. Mostly it’s a series of informal agreements, but I’ve been getting great support from what I believe to be our new family

Special thanks to Michael Valentine, Joelle Barros, Audrey and Adriana Evans who have offered my their friendship at a time when it was most needed.


We just released the Pixie’s Preview video featuring Pandie and Miss Lisa .



That was such an amazing shoot. Both Pandie and Miss Lisa were fantastic. As the snow fell outside, there was plenty of heat in my house. Pandie reminded me of Pixie in the beginning. You will she that she was strapped with the Texas Prison Strap in a scene. She chose that implement.













IMG_9262_edited IMG_9321_edited IMG_9346_edited IMG_9516_edited IMG_9632_edited IMG_9632_edited_edited IMG_9646_edited IMG_9663_edited


To see the Pixie’s Preview video just click in the image below






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I will bet that there are 1001 typos in this piece , but I am barely conscious.


Nicest thing that I heard all week came from Joelle, She noted that we provided that best masturbatory material for her in high school.  I am thrilled that we could bring her such joy.

















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