Failure -part 1




Failure part 1



Audrey and David Pierson





Audrey had planned to sneak out of the house and join her friend for a night out. Unfortunately, Audrey’s friend was caught in the process by her mother and spilled the beans on the plan. The friend’s mom informed Audrey’s dad and Audrey was sentenced to a spanking with the old paddle. This was not the night Audrey had planned.


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This is another from what I call ” The Audrey Improv Sessions’.

This was entirely Audrey’s idea.


Tonight was so special. I watched our hometown Eagles win the Superbowl with my son.  That is special. Had my brother lived to see this it would have been even  that more special. I high -fived his box.  I remember the last time the Flyers were in the Stanley Cup finals and we watched the last game together. After the Flyers lost he said ” That may be the last time I’ll get to see something like this.


Enough of the sentimental stuff.

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