Failure & The Bitter End






Audrey and David Pierson





Audrey had planned to sneak out of the house and join her friend for a night out. Unfortunately, Audrey’s friend was caught in the process by her mother and spilled the beans on the plan. The friend’s mom informed Audrey’s dad and Audrey was sentenced to a spanking with the old paddle. This was not the night Audrey had planned.

Audrey’s dad spanked her bare bottom until she promised not to sneak out of the house during the week again. After her spanking was over, Audrey was required to lay across the bed with her punished bottom exposed.


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On the day Audrey and I shot this series Mr. Person was not supposed to be on camera at all. I had written a script featuring Audrey and another young woman of terrific talent. The shoot was to be an elaborate affair with special props and such. At the last moment the other girl couldn’t do the shoot so Audrey and I just improvised. I noted that it was a shame we didn’t get use the props Audrey gave us the bitter end.





Audrey is funny.


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