Familial Conflict & Meeting with Professor King



Familial Conflict & Meeting with Professor KIng


Adriana Evans, Bianca Rose and Dominic King


Chapter 1: Failure and the lessons learned






Adriana arrived home after failing out of college. She needed to admit that theoretical physics might not have been her best choice for a major. She was greeted by her father’s new, young, wife Bianca. The two were actually about the same age. Bianca couldn’t have been more supportive much to Adriana’s chagrin. She hoped that she would be punished by her new stepmom. Feeling a need for punishment, she found a hairbrush, bent over the bed, and gave herself a hard spanking. This self-chastisement started over her jeans and then upon her bare bottom. Adriana spanked herself with the hairbrush with such ferocity that finally, she fell over the bottom of the bed, sore and confused.


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Chapter 2: Spanked by My Young Step-mom




Bianca went back to check on Adriana when she witnessed some of her stepdaughter’s self spanking activity. A furious Bianca took the girl who recently failed out of school over her knee for a hard spanking with the hairbrush. Bianca spanked Adriana very hard with the hairbrush, stopping on occasion to chastise her for the colossal waste of money that failing out of college to gain attention is. After her spanking was over, Adriana was made to sit on the hard bench with her bare, well-spanked bottom placed firmly on the hard wood.



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Now a few stills from the movie



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Chapter 3: Confessions of a Young Step-Mom





Adriana was a bit stunned when her new stepmother Bianca explained that the two of them were about the same age and she felt as if she needed discipline, too. At first, Adriana gave the lovely redhead a few light smacks, but this didn’t satisfy her. Bianca requested a harder spanking. Upon inquiring of her stepmom why she so needed a spanking, Bianca responded that she had cheated on her father. Now Adriana had no problem in giving Bianca a very hard spanking that started on the seat of her Jeans, then went on to her bare bottom.
Bianca could only cry out as Adriana spanked her bare bottom harder and harder for cheating on her father. Once done, Bianca thanked her stepdaughter for giving her the loving discipline she needed. Both girls agreed that from then on, they would spank one another according to their needs. Once Adriana departed the master bedroom, Bianca rushed to the bathroom mirror to inspect the damage. What she saw both horrified and titillated her.



confession2 confession3 confession4 confession5 confession6 confession7



Now a few sills from the movie



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Chapter 4: Meeting with Professor King






Adriana was summoned to meet Professor King in the instructor’s health center. Professor King informed the shocked college girl that he was aware of the cheating that went on during the recent midterm and that she would take a hard spanking or face expulsion. Adriana was surprised how much her punishment hurt. She nearly panicked when Professor King exposed her bottom, but soon the pain took away all worries about embarrassment. After her spanking was completed, Adriana was placed in time out next to the weight machine as Professor King completed his work out.




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Now a few stills from the movie



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