Fan Request: Classic Scene* Muffet & Snow – part 1


Juliet Vanentina, Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Daniels

Here’s a blast from the past classic scene featuring Pixie, Juliet, and Veronica Daniels!

Snow White (Juliet) and Miss Muffet (Pixie) have been called before the disciplinary council. They’ve heard rumors of other girls getting a slap on the wrist, but despite their best efforts, these two bratty characters are in for a far more intense dose of corporal punishment than that from Ms. Daniels.







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4 Responses to “Fan Request: Classic Scene* Muffet & Snow – part 1”

  • Tim:

    David ,many thanks for adding the nursery rhyme vid series ,it is cute with the 2 lovely girls and Miss Veronica spanking minxs ,did she leave the spanky scene/? best from ,Tim..

  • Hi Tim, you are welcome . The praise goes to pixie . She prepared this scene for posting . We are happy to bring this to you. For the second part I will write of the filming and performance of this piece.

  • Hi David –

    Have to say that the Punished Brat costume stories ( he whole variety of them) are some of my all time favorites. Hope you work more costume stories into future productions.


  • Hi Enzo, the problem with doing these is that they are damn hard to do well. Many were a collaboration between my brother and pixie.