Feels Like Old Times





 Tonight I am looking back on a week that felt like old times. Last Wednesday, as if you had’nt heard me talk of this to death, we had an amazing shoot with Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound.  The laughter and fun just put me in the mind of Punishedbrats of 2009 or sooner.


Much of this , aside from the terrific cast  and story written by Pixie, had to do with shooting unencumbered at my house. It just felt like we were shooting at our old studio, that was my brother’s house.





My brother was overseeing this scene, so to speak. That cabinet that Pandora was dusting has a box on top that contains his ashes. I could hear him giving me hell about something I was shooting incorrectly.


 I’ve said this before, but Pandora was a joy to work with. Much like my friend, Julie Simone, she offered her ideas as to what would make a scene better. It was her idea to have her uniform removed and be forced to dust wearing nothing but an apron.



Another thing that made last week feel like old times was the recovery of Veronica. V, as we call her, had been battling and injury inflicted when she was attacked on the street the night prior to a shoot.





The series of videos that I shot with Pi was to have featured Veronica as the top. I had gotten a text at 5am from V saying that she was so sick! If you know V, that doesn’t mean she isn’t coming. When she didn’t arrive, my son and I shot a series of videos with Pi. That was the first time I had directed myself. It ain’t easy. My son shot the photos too.


The Veronica that I know, made her return a few months ago when we shot ‘ Lifeswap’ with Charlie Skye. V was always something of our fourth partner. Her health and humor had returned.








 But the relaxed nature of shooting in my home on the range brought out the true v. Both she and Pandora raided my cupboard and had snacks. Pandora fell head -over-heels for chocolate covered peanut pretzels. Something I’d never eat, by the way.





On the Friday after we shot, it was off to Atlantic City and Boardwalk Badness with Joelle Barros. To be truthful, I was just a bit nervous about attending the affair. Due to the issues that required my attention, I hadn’t attended anything like this in three years. A few glasses of wine quelled my anxiety. Joelle and I had a terrific time. We both loved meeting the fans, And as yet to be released, DVD of Joelle sold out.

joshoot2 joshoot1

                 I do believe you can see why..ignore the man.


I hadn’t attended an affair, professionally without Pixie before and she was missed. One man called her an icon. I couldn’t disagree.






                      I imagined siiting at out table, Joelle to my left    and Pixie to my right. Nah..never would have happened. Pixie would have tossed me out of there and she and Joelle would have run out vending operation. Not kidding.


Joelle and Beverly Bacci were the last performers to share the screen with Pixie.



                              139b 139a



Speaking of old times, yesterday was one such day. PB got hit with a type of vile theft known as a backdoor assault. Yes, someone was taking it up the ass..financially speaking. I tried to deal with this myself, hesitant to bother Pixie as she is dealing with her health issues. Pixie rode into the fray and worked diligently to fix the problem. Now that felt like old times.




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This week seemed like old times.



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