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 How do we procced?  What should we look like?  How much Severity?

Since our begining, we have gone through many phazes. In the very begining we probably were a bit over the top.  In the first several months of our existance , most of what we did was spanking the living hell out of Pixie.





In the story above ( A 1950’s scene), Pixie was spanked by hairbrush, wooden paddle, razor strap and hand…all in one scene.


 A bit much I’d say. Pixie and I, for aethetic reasons, decided that the spankng should reflect the offence committed. To be spanked with multiplie times for a minor offense seemed abusive. So Pixie and I made that one of our rules. Yes, we would spank hard, but not exceed that which would be appropriate.


 Now, my brother did not like the severe stuff at all. Hence we enterted our fantasy phaze.


                                     Sen1-1 sen1-2 sen1-3 sen1-4



We had our own superheorine named ‘ Sensational Girl’. Her superpowers would leave her when she felt guilty, thus her mother could spank her.



                        muffet1-1 muffet1-2 muffet1-3 muffet1-4 muffet1-5 muffet1-6 muffet1-7

snowandmuffet1-2 snowandmuffet1-3 snowandmuffet1-4 snowandmuffet1-5 snowandmuffet1-6 snowandmuffet1-7



We took several trips to fairy tale land. In the one Miss Muffet was spanked on her Tuffet along with Snow White.


 We  started getting some complaints that we were too soft ( as in not just right)


It was in 2008 when Pixie and I agreed that we needed to increase the intensity in some scenes. Truth be told, I am a discplinary spanker a I prefer admistering spankings of that nature rather than doing comedy. I didn’t  object to the comedy, but I never liked doing it.


dare1-6 dare2-1 dare2-2 dare2-3 dare2-4 dare2-5 dare2-6


                                             brush1-4 brush1-5 brush1-6 brush1-7



                                     anxiety1 anxiety2 anxiety3 anxiety4


This is my preference. We achived a balance.


Fan Paticipation:



The first time we wrote to fan specications was a piece entitled ‘Ambers’s Letters’.  The scene was based on fan letters er, email.










I hope to do two productions this month. We have a very nice series planned that will be shot here at stately Pierson Mannor.


I’d like to do another shoot at the studio but that depends on finances.

I’d need to be the top for the second shoot.

Some fans have writter and say they want to see more severlity. Other’s say our severlity is excessive.

Tell us what you’d like to see. I’d like to shoot something of a larger nature in July should our finaces allow. A school scene perhaps.


         Honestly, the more support we get, the more we can do.


We like it when you share your ideas and fantasies.


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  • Ellen:

    There are at least 20 websites selling very similar material, how do you all survive?
    Dunno the answer, but I recently spent a large amount on Kelly Payne.
    And she is definetly outside the box.

  • I don’t know that is true. I think one can tell our work from shadow LAne, from dallas to rs.com or firmhand. I think each speaks in a different voice.

  • Tim:

    David i enjoyed the fantasy themes ,Punished Brats has its own style ,best wishes,Tim.,T

  • Hi Tim , any theme in particular ?

  • hello david keep up the great work im a big fan here in the city of Bradford near leeds Yorkshire northern England im 51 a switch player hey it would be great to hear from you david