Getting to know you: everyone is getting to know all about you




Getting To Know You



Cadence Lux, Audrey and Veronica Bound








Miss Veronica introduces herself to the student body, and was in the process of explaining the new disciplinary process when Cadence decided to mouth off. Suddenly, Cadence was taken to the front of the class for a humiliating and hard bare bottom spanking. Cadence is one of the most popular and difficult girls in the school. Spanking this entitled brat in front of her classmates was Miss Veronica’s way of sending a message to all.



Cadence cried and promised Miss Veronica that she would do as she wanted as long as the spanking before her classmates would end. After her spanking was concluded, Cadence was placed on the kneeler with her bare red bottom on display as a warning to the other students.. Cadence wasn’t sure what was worse, the horrible burning from her bottom or the total humiliation of her being on display.





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Now , Veronica had her own way of making Cadence feel better after her hard, tearful spanking




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