Girl Touble 4




Girl Trouble 4



Girl Trouble 4 – Bratty Behavior


  1. Blame, Incorporated




Pixie thought it was a brilliant business plan to pay good girls to take the blame for others’ misdeeds – and take a slight commission for herself of course. Jessica is spanked for Chloe’s prank, Holly is spanked for Beth’s mistake, and everything is going according to plan until someone rats Pixie out and there’s no one left to take the blame!






  1. Multitasking




Veronica’s day at the office is jam packed with meetings, proposals, and teleconferences and on top of it all she needs to discipline her bratty daughter Chloe. Being the efficient multitasking business woman that she is, Veronica decides to spank Chloe right there in her office even as her executive assistant Holly looks on.





  1. Bedtime Spanking




Angelina hoped if she hopped right into bed after dinner, maybe her mom would forget about the spanking she’d promised her. Too bad for Angelina, her mom Susan isn’t falling for it.




  1. Paper or Concert






Andy had a blast at the concert last night, but she didn’t finish her term paper before going as she promised. She is grounded and when Andy whines that it’s unfair, her mom Veronica decides to show her what fair is by giving her a good spanking.



  1. Limerick Lesson





Juliet has been asked to stay after class for a little discussion about the limerick she wrote for her English assignment. Professor Windsor was not amused at her use of phrases including the word “Nantucket” and sees to it this is one English lesson she will not soon forget.



  1. Negotiations


Violetta needs to be punished, but Tony is willing to negotiate the terms. But when it’s time for Violetta to be put over the knee, will she still get more than she bargained for?


And Now This







Do let us know how you feel. This video was a request of several fans. It is the full most of which was shot in 2007. I remember having to buy Pixie a new computer as her’s crashed during the shoot in which she was spanked by Richard Windsor.  We ran out to buy her a new laptop to return to see a  tearful Juliet. My brother, of course, in our absence cut while Juliet cried. We both grabbed a camera and attempted to get her tears on camera. My brother was a bit too nice without our presence.

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