Girl Trouble 11: Scenes 1-3



Girl Trouble 11



  1. Freshman Roomie


Lilly Page and Beverly Bacci





Beverly caught her college roommate Lilly snooping through her mail and even eating the brownies she was sent from home. Bev has had enough of the intrusive underclassman and gives her a well-deserved hairbrush spanking.




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  1. Pajama Drama


Andi Rae and David Pierson



Andi Rae is sent to her bedroom to wait for her father, David. She changes into her pajamas and nervously contemplates her fate.


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  1. Punishment Center


Bronte and David Pierson






Bronte has been called into the school’s punishment center for cheating on a test. Mr. Pierson straps her until he feels she has learned her lesson.



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I can tell this was another presentation brought to you by my brother. A lot of his work was inspired by his work at the University.

Theses are all terrific and I adore all of the Brats who appeared in the stories. The Andi Rae was a special one. All day long she took spanking after spanking. Her spanking by me was the final shoot of the day. She was the only remaining brats. A lot of our best scenes came at such times. Andi cried all through the scene.

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