Girl Trouble 11: Series 5-6 (Full Series too)




  1. Cheer Squad


Amber Pixie Wells and Miss Susan


Pixie throws a major fit when she is told she can’t cheer in the game due to her placement on academic probation. Coach Susan kicks her off the squad entirely, demands she turn in her uniform at once, and paddles the bratty girl for lack of respect.



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  1. Dancer’s Discipline



Angelina and Veronica Bound





Angelina’s performance at the dance academy has been subpar. Ms. Veronica is going to make sure to instill the proper dancer’s discipline in the young ballerina.







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  1. Clothes On Back



Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound




Charlie has been going on shopping sprees with Veronica’s credit card. Since she hasn’t paid for a stitch of the clothing she’s wearing, she must take it all off before submitting to her spanking.




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Video Preview from part 1-3



Parts 4-6






I just got back from St Thomas after a lovely vacation with the family. While there I learned that Skyler Grey was married there and has a time share on the island as well.



Hope you are enjoying a mix of new and older material available in a new way


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