God, I hate talking about piracy

The piracy thing had been reasonably under control for a few weeks then there was a explosion last week.  Today is a complete disaster thus far.  If today continues as is it will be the worst day in PB history with the exception of the day we made -$50.00.


My anti-piracy people have been going at it overtime.  It’s funny, I found a few PB videos on this guys site and I told time to take them down. He was trying to pass videos in which I was the top as him doing the spanking.  When I nicely asked him to take down the videos he noted that he didn’t have too as he found it in the public domain. Wrong!

I find lots of my vids on various blogs too…the owners using the same logic.


I do not mind people using a photo or two, but my videos are off limits.


They do get them from pirate sites. As I’ve said in the past, I don’t care about them. Fuck the pirates but fuck those who use them deeper and harder.


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4 Responses to “God, I hate talking about piracy”

  • Spankaholic23:

    They are lucky you ask them to nicely take them down. Was reading some stuff on the internet and if you wanted to, you can fuck them even harder than they are trying to fuck you.

    Amazing how ignorant some people are.

  • Herman P.Riehl:

    I Hate A Pirate Too! We Should Take Turns Giving That Pirate A Good Paddling Until He Won’t Be Able To Sit Down For Several Months! Just To Teach His Ass A Lesson! Or Atleast Until Paddle Breaks In Two!, LOL!!

  • Tim:

    David who is putting your videos up do we know his blog at all ? ,best from Tim .