Happy Thanksgiving: just a little late

 My family thought it a good idea to get me out of town as this is the first Thanksgiving since the death of my brother. He has dined with us for over twenty years.  So my wife and son dragged me to a little town in the twin tiers ( Where north central PA meets Central New York). That town is called Wellsboro PA.

 I haven’t taken this trip in awhile. My brother required my presence. This town has always been behind the time. I was pleasantly surprised to find the call phone service has greatly expended and wifi is available a Mc Donald. Speaking of Mc Donalds, there is a Mc Donalds on Miffllinville  that makes the best  fish sandwithch. Not sure why thieir’s is diffrent, but it is.

Here was the video from our cabin. I am contemplating using it for a shoot in the spring.


In my absence, PB was in the able hands of Pixie. This was the update.

Dirty Dishes..The Full Movie


What am I thankful for?

I am eternally grateful to my brother Rick who edited our vids almost to the time of his death.

I am greateful to Pixie for her support and resuming her postion with PB as son as her heath allowed.


Lorraine who attended my brother's memorial and has stayed in touch


Beverly Bacci who sent me the most touching, hand written letter in sympathy


I am greatefull to all of the Brats who shot with us this year. Mostly, I am greateful to all of you for supporting us for the past five years.

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5 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving: just a little late”

  • Kelly:

    Gorgeous scenery-both via nature and the PB cast photos.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    What a beautiful area to be in for a while. There is something about a lake and hills that just breathes peacefulness and contemplation. Glad your family got you away from things for a while. Nice that the PB family also were there for you and the pictures of them are very nice, too.

    Pixie did great.

  • Dana:

    These pictures show you are surrounded by beauty. Happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes for a great future in both your personal life and for PB.

  • tim:

    Thank you P.B. glad lovely Pixie is getting back to good health after a while bless her,best from tim.