Humiliation: A part of the discipline?




Many of you have commented on our new attitude her at PB. The higher intensity I guess. One thing that I’ve always wanted to explore more was added humiliation during or after a spanking.



I’ve had so many talented brats with whom we’ve shot recently who enjoy such explorations


During our last shoot of 2013, as the snow fell out side, Miss Lisa required that Pandie dress as a young child in preparation for her spanking.









The having your frilly panties lowered for a spanking.  Pandie loved this scene.



I must say that few girls have inspired me more than Adriana Evans.

Adriana has several aspects to her kink.




In our shoot ‘ Six Scenes Of Spanking’ , Adriana asked to be strapped with legs up,




I was happy to do it.



Later in the same shoot she was spanked by her mother, the very evil Audrey wearing age inappropriate clothing


IMG_8251_edited IMG_8256_edited IMG_8264_edited IMG_8295_edited


All through this scene, Adriana behaved like an embarrassed adolescent .



Being spanked naked is always a nice touch.


It was in late 2013 when Joelle asked if she could spank a hot brat. To that end, we hired the lovely Cardence .



sisters5 sisters6 sisters7 sisters8 sisters9 sisters10



Cadence loves this pic




Scenes that start like this



cheerleader2 1-1


That proceed to this



cheerleader2 1-2and end up like this are among my favorites



cheerleader2 1-9 cheerleader2 1-10 cheerleader2 1-11 cheerleader2 1-12 cheerleader2 1-13


Recently, when we didn’t have her play the evil nurse Audrey, we had Audrey play a College Girl who was summoned home by her father for punishment.




college girl2-1 college girl2-2 college girl2-3 college girl2-4 college girl2-5 college girl2-6 college girl2-7 college girl2-8 college girl2-9 college girl2-10 college girl-12


Poor Audrey had to suffer a bare bottom spanking  from the large hands of her father, Michael Valentine . This video is based on the true experience of a girl taught by my brother. In real life it was the mother who did the spanking.




I know that we were all thrilled by our shoot with Mandie last Saturday. I think that during that shoot, Mandie tapped into that very special place in which humiliation may be the true punishment. Of course we spanked the hell out of her too. It was amazing that she allowed us to see that part of her.






















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