I do hope you will support us

Since I had a brief loss of sanity the other day our sales died. This is totally my fault. We were doing fine and then , well, i fucked up.



To be clear, punishedbrats is not going anywhere. ┬áThat is by my desire and for legal reasons. CCBILL requires that the website remain open so long as one has an active membership in process. Got several that are six months or more. The other reason is that I an reworking our finances and the court would not allow a sales of any kind. I truly apologize to those I’ve upset. I hope you will support us.



One Response to “I do hope you will support us”

  • Herman Riehl:

    I Will., Every Time I Buy DVD’s From You I’ll Be Practicly Be Supporting Punishedbrat Cause., And Just Like Old George Zimmerman Of (The Men’s Warehouse) Would Say, I Guarantee It.,,