I just need to say…..



Let me start by talking about out last shoot. I saw the edits last night and I am stunned by how good it is!  This was a commissioned work from a guy named Scott. These videos are very much in tune with my disciplinary tastes. I love the series.. front to back.



We opened the day with a story we put together is just a few minutes. Audrey was a bad college girl called home by her father, played by Michael Valentine,  to be spanked. WOW! ( yeah I know. Split infinitive)





We did this because, er..well.. we wanted to. That worked out for us too as Adriana needed to arrive late. A loved one was ill. Shoe showed up despite her long night and we shot some amazing video.  Scott has a perverse thought process and it led to some terrific scenes.



Audrey dressed like Donna Reed with a bad attitude. ( OK..Donna who?)



Here are but two pics






The entire thing is amazing. I loved shooting it, I loved watching it.


Last night I posted several pics from ” The Cost Of Living” video starring Audrey and Miss Pandora.

I also post a lot of pics to my Fetlife page.


This pic got so many comments it stunned me. Remember, do not look directly at Audrey’s bottom..think of it as the sun.



To this pic here are but a few comments


Such a beautiful bottom

A so beautiful behind!

a more interesting view than anything you will see on your television

That is a wonderful ass.


I guess Audrey’s pic wins the critics choice award.


Speaking of Audrey, she will be working on Sunday as a member of my crew when Miss Amber Pixie Wells returns to spank the snot out of Tara.





Tara works under the model name of Tara Tied. After Pixie and Michael spank her she will changed that named to Tara cried.


Just so you know..that cute little Pixie, as a top is evil, pure evil.


Just ask Mischa




I am now looking forward to shooting this. I was stressing. I have rarely shoot on Sundays. I think once. With Audrey joining the team I can now relax. I’m going to the studio to set up tomorrow afternoon. This will be fun.





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