I may have lost my head

Well my brain anyway and no zombies were involved.  Tomorrow, I will learn if the malformation of blood vessels in my brain  is treatable or not, then I’m off to Palm Beach with the family.


I received lots of love since I learned of this situation last Friday.  If it’s treatable , super! My wife thinks the gama knife will be the treatment of choice if it is treatable.


If it’s not, I’ll keeping doing Punishedbrats until I can’t.  I have folks ready to step in if I’m incapacitated . I really hope to be around because I have so much more I want to do with PB productions.  New products, new ways of distributing our material and, perhaps a new website or two .


Did you know that the blog  spankingpixie.com was to have been a website for Miss Wells.  At first she liked the idea but before we launched she changed her mind.




I'm a brat

I’m a brat


I really loved all that we’ve done over the past two years.


I think that Adriana gave us a kick in the ass. ( we spanked hers)


cheerleader2 1-9 cheerleader2 1-10 cheerleader2 1-11 cheerleader2 1-12

This girl doesn’t do anything halfway.  I’ve wanted everything done with that level of commitment since her arrival into our family.



She sent the lovely Mandie our way.




concerned2-1 concerned2-2 concerned2-3 concerned2-4 concerned2-5 concerned2-6 concerned2-7 concerned2-8 concerned2-9 concerned2-10

She looks like such the innocent child everyone wants to adopt her.  She looks like a kid, but she’s not. She is a highly intelligent young woman with assertiveness to match.



I think the infusion of creative energy gave me the confidence to shoot ” Dark Dance” . Joelle had the basic idea and I wrote it.  We did part 2 a few weeks ago and I know it’s amazing.


Joelle wanted to shoot a version of ” Last Tango in Paris”. She often calls me ” The Bertolucci of spanking”.  When Bernardo shot last Tango he had months, we had but a few hours. I love the serious and sexy tone of the series. I think part 2 is even more intense.


I am so thankful to Bianca, Joelle and Audrey for putting their trust in me and each other to make this project work,




dd1 dd2 dd3 dd4 dd5 dd6 dd7 dd8 dd9 dd10

I want to shoot more like this. I have two, intense sci-fi stories in the pipeline. Nasty things.


Thanks for the love.





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