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As I was in Atlantic City this weekend  I didn’t get the chance to do the week in review. So here it is.




Last night we opened ‘ The Discipline Camp’ portion of ‘ Three Strikes’


The Intake part 1



Mandie Rae and David Pierson







Mandie has been sentenced by the court,representing the new government, to three days of corporal punishment following her third conviction for underage drinking and theft. Her court appointed disciplinarian is the dreaded Mr. Pierson. After reading the report from Nurse Audrey, Mr. Pierson has the girl lower her camp issued pants and to bend over his lap. Mandie was afraid, but determined to maintain her composure. That plan desire rapidly was replaced by her tears and pleas for mercy as the disciplinarian set to work upon Mandie’s bare bottom with a wooden paddle and, on occasion his hand. He made sure not to neglect the brats upper thighs. So loud were the cries from the discipline room that a stunned hush fell over the camp.





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Traditional Discipline in the Digital Age part1



Penny Stone and Michael Valentine











After breaking into the government computers and her unpleasant experience with Agent Audrey, Penny now must face the wrath of her mentor, Dr. Valentine. This girl of the digital age was stunned to hear that she was to be subjected to several days of corporal punishment, a form of discipline that she believed went out in before the invention of the computer. It was Dr. Valentine’s duty to provide her first punishment, done to ensure that future acts of digital mischief would be discouraged. Despite her protestations, she was taken over Dr. Valentine’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her leotards and proceeded to her bare bottom. Penny pleaded for her punishment to stop feeling both pain and the humiliation of being spanked by one she reveres.






traditional1-2 traditional1-3 traditional1-4 traditional1-5 traditional1-6 traditional1-7 traditional1-8 traditional1-9 traditional1-10 traditional1-11 traditional1-12 traditional1-13






Mr. Valentine’s Office




Pandie and Michael Valentine



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So, just in case you missed it. Lots to come this week too.












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