In Memoriam

It is almost two years to the precise hour , as I write this, that my brother Rick died two years ago. June, 24, 2011.  I am often told not to write things like this. We are an entertainment site and people don’t want to hear this. If that is true, I am sorry, but write this I must.


 Rick was an integral part of all that we did at Punishedbrats. He was our director, editor, one of three writers and peace maker when Amber and I were in conflict. Off course the reverse was true when the two of them had issues.


Aside from his work here at Punishedbrats , he was an instructor at a local university where He produced and directed a very successful show. He taught video Journalism. Many of the people you see on TV on ESPN , MSNBC, CNN and many local stations were his students.


 He was my brother and my best friend. He is missed by me ( and many others) everyday.


 The brats all remember him as a loving a funny man. They said that he told the worst jokes. Actually, he told old joke very well, they were just too young to get the references.

 In May of 2011, Rick went with me to our first shoot with Pi. I knew that he was too sick to do so, but he insisted. He helped shoot the first scene of the day and then collapsed on the couch. That was where he spent the rest of the day.

As the day came to its end he got to say goodbye of Beverly Bacci and Veronica and they to him. I suspect that is why he went in the first place.


Goodbye Rick, you are missed. Antonio Brown Authentic Jersey

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