Inspiration: Arrives from many places

A few days ago I mentioned that many of Pixie’s inspirations come from Brat TV. In other words, Pixie’s taste in television is truly questionable, but thank God for that.

I noted that  MTV’s ” My Sweet Sixteen” was her inspiration for ” Super Bratty Birthday Party’.



That worked so well  as each rich brat on that show needed such treatment.

I can be something of a pain. For instance, I can’t simply do an office scene. I need a reason as to why a young woman would take a spanking from her boss.


For me, I usually come up with a young woman making way too much money.

 Some of my inspirations come from reality, and others come from reality inspired art such as Roger Benson’s 1950’s collections.

Using art as an inspiration can be tricky.

One may envision this.

And come up with this.

Not exactly the same thing.

There was a production inspired by art that came out almost precisely as I envisioned.

Occasionally, this

Can inspire







I attached the art work to each scrpit. This was Juliet’s first PB shoot in two years. This was also our first shoot absent out Pixie.

Check out the affection of our cast towards our queen brat

Now to check out this and all videos of varying inspiration just click on the image below.

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