Inspiration: Just listen

 My brother was amazing at picking up true stories and adding a spanking to it. It helped that he was an instructor at a major university here in Philadelphia. Sometimes the spanking didn’t need to be added. There was a young lady, who in her first year at school, was caught drinking several times by the campus police. This cost her mother lots of money. One day this girl went to my brother to ask for advice. She said that she was summoned home for the weekend and that her mother intended to spank her.  She was afraid and humiliated at the prospect. When she returned on Monday she talked about her experience. She noted that when she got home her mother sat down with her and lovingly explained her concerns. The girl in question noted that this was a special bonding moment.  My brother then asked ” Well did you get spanked?”  ” Oh yeah!” she replied. I met this young lady at my brother’s memorial. She is now a successful broadcaster.

Our movie ‘Mom’s Manual’ is based on that incident.  The video features Juliet Valentina and Clare Fonda.




 To see this video just click below.

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2 Responses to “Inspiration: Just listen”

  • Kelly:

    That’s a fantastic true story! Personally I think those types of spankings have further positive results administered with love and concern as opposed to screaming and berating the one getting spanked.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Kelly said it best. It is a wonderful story about a caring mother who explained her concerns and why she felt it necessary to do what she did. Yelling and screaming don’t help and just leads to anger on both sides of the coin.

    Very nice video.