Introducing Joelle and Miss Chris

 Last weeks shoot was lots of fun , but it wasn’t exactly what we planned.  For the shoot, we had scheduled the lovely Joelle, Miss Chris ( another model) and Pixie. We had planned to shoot ten scenes. My brother Eric is dreadully ill, but he decided that he wanted to come. It was around 6am when we got the call from Pixie. She was very ill, but if we gave her a few minutes she’d be on her way. Both my brother and I told her to remain at home. Pixie was to have shot two scenes with Miss Chris and she and I were to have worked camers. Unexpectedly, my brother assumed his rightful place as director.

 In the five years that we have been shooting as Punishedbrats, we have never had a no-show. Meaning, that when girl’s are scheduled, they show up. Unfortunately, the other model we had scheduled had a problem at her hotel. The night before, this girl from Phildelphia, did a gig in nowhere New Jersey and stayed at a local hotel. She had worked with our dear friend Lily Anna  that night.  She asked for a wake up call that never came. It was about noon when we got her call. The poor girl was very upset.  This girl is a top professional and  this was clearly nothing but a snafu. That left us with only a new girl who had never shot any productions before and Miss Chris.

 I raidly started going through the scripits that Pixie and I had written.  We then put a series of videos togther that tells Joelle’s experience of ” Life with Aunt Chris’. I must admit to being very pleased with the outcome. Joelle was a natural and Miss Chris is an amazing disciplinarian. While we came out a bit short on scenes, I think what we shot is terrific. We will have Miss Chris and Joelle back soon.

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