It Can Now Be Announced

This Satuday we go back to the studio with Tara





Now we told you that we’d have a very special top spanking our brat.  We can now tell you that out spanker will be Julie Simone



Pixie and I have put the idea togther. Tomorrow, I will put it all in scrpit form. Lets just say that frilly panties should play a role.

Pixie Update:

  I  received the footage from the Veronica and Ten shoot on Friday and have had a chance to finally lay my eyes on the new HD content. I’m really pleased with the video quality and of course Veronica and Ten’s performance is top notch as always.

I don’t have video content to share with you yet since I’ve just gotten started on editing the content together but here are a couple of screen shots.



So stay tuned to our site. Just click on Tara’s sore bottom.


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