It’s Our Anniversary: A Few Of My Favorite Classic Videos



Actually our 11th Anniversary was on Friday.  Punishedbrats opened as a member site on June 9, 2006 but our first shoot was July 2, 2005.



Here a a few of my favorite videos in which I am the spanker.


Here is Amber Pixie Well in ‘ The Anxiety Of The Girl Waiting’





Another of my favorites is ‘ Manipulation’ with Sarah Gregory and Miss Susan




Then we have Holly Dey in ‘ Student Teacher’







Lastly, we have Lily Page in ‘ Curfew Violation




With your support I hope to be here in another 11 years


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5 Responses to “It’s Our Anniversary: A Few Of My Favorite Classic Videos”

  • Mo:

    The classics.

    I like seeing the power dynamics of someone not being overpowered, but being obligated to submit. Those where the model has to remove her own clothing and get herself into position, and especially where the scene has dialogue about how embarrassing it is.

    Manipulation (which you mentioned)
    Bottle of Cheer with Sarah, Pixie and Beverly
    Punishment Center (with you and Bronte — How can a girl be more undignified than standing there holding up her skirt, with her underwear on display, listening to the instructions to pull down her panties and bend over?)
    Anatomy of a Spanking with Pixie and Susan
    Family Strap with Pixie and Susan
    Babysitter Blues with Pixie and Veronica
    Staring at the Carpet with Pixie and Veronica
    Renter’s Remorse
    The Series (I can’t remember what it was called) with Joelle and Beverly Bacci (and Pixie for one scene)
    Make Up Test
    The Rent-a-Mom 2.0 Series with Veronica and Ami
    The Sorority Girl Series with Audrey and Chloe
    Disciplined Shoppers with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Pixie and Beverly

    That reminds me, some of these are not in the archives section of the website.

    Have a great next eleven years!

  • Mo:

    I don’t mean to complain, but if I try to search for all of the Audrey scenes here: the scenes with Audrey and Chloe and not listed. I know it’s probably a lot of work to keep all that stuff up to date, so maybe it’s not worth it, but it is nice to be able to search the archives by model or top, etc. (It looks like that part of the site hasn’t been updated for a year or two)

    Looking forward to the next 11 years!

    • admin:

      In the process of updating our site. I agree that if updates doesn’t happen very soon my webmaster will be very tired from achieving two years of material