Joelle Barros: a spanking star you need to know better.





There is so much that one could say about Joelle Barros. She is highly intelligent and well traveled   .  Graceful and beautiful . She often travels to her beloved Brazil. She speaks fluent Portuguese.  She has an amazing sense of fashion.


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Over the past two years I’d be hard pressed to find another person who has been more supportive to PB and to me than Joelle.  I think that despite an impressive body of spanking work ( Punishedbrats, Shadow Lane, AAA spanking, Dallas Spanks Hard and Sarah Gregory spanking) she often slips below the radar because she is so bad at tooting her own horn. Okay, get you mind out of the gutter. In other words, she doesn’t blog and she doesn’t tweet every time she sneezes .



I spoke with Joelle earlier today.





David: Hi sweetie how are you?

Joelle: I’ve been better.

David: Is something wrong?

Joelle: Oh, I hurt my wrist boxing today. Hit this girl on the top of her head.

David: Sorry to hear that, for the both of you.

Joelle  ( Laugh) True, she left with a headache.

David: So tell me kid, why don’t you promote yourself more?

Joelle:  I know you get on me all of the time for that. I am shy and I don’t  know if anyone is interested in what I have to say.

David: I think you underestimate yourself on that front. You are quite the adventurous person.  You could always throw in some Portuguese .

Joelle: I could at that. ( laugh)


David: So , how did you get into the spanking business.

Joelle:  David, you sort of corrupted me.

David: Do go on. ( laugh)

Joelle: As a teen, you provided me with the best masturbatory fantasies. I loved Punishedbrats.

David: Nicer words have never been spoken.


Joelle: I was a fan of several spanking models at the time too. Samantha Woodley, Sierra Salem and, of course Pixie.  But even as a child I was fascinated by spanking.



Joelle's first spanking scene in 2011

Joelle’s first spanking scene in 2011




David: Lately you’ve done work from both the bottom and top.  Let’s start at the bottom…so to speak.

Joelle: Just an awful pun.

David: Sorry. So what do you like abut being spanked?


Joelle: I like it because I get to surrender all control. It is such a high for me. One I’ve known for as long as I can remember.


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David: You are a terrific spanker. It is rare that I have one your age administer discipline  on our set. I think you have such terrific control.


Joelle:  I like topping a lot because of the connection that I have with the girl I’m spanking. I like being on top because I enjoy having something  of an intimidating presence. I’m not sure that I’ve mastered  that from a theatrical point of view.


David: I think you are terrific as a top. You did a great job spanking Pi. If I had been smarter that day, I’d have just let you do the spanking all day.







Joelle: It was a fun shoot.

David: Recently, You spanked Cadence Lux. You seemed to be having way too much fun.


Joelle: I was, trust me. What a hot girl you brought for me to spank,














David: It was my pleasure.  You too had great chemistry.

Joelle: Something like that. We should spank her again.


David: I know your hand is killing you so go ice it. Hey thanks for the terrific “Selfies “.  That added a personal touch.

Joelle: It was my pleasure.


David: Be good, I’ll be seeing you soon .


Joelle: Bye



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Other things that you need to know. Joelle  does sessions.



Click on the image below to go to her website.





Follow her on Twitter. I will spank her myself  if she doesn’t tweet more.








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