Just In Case You Missed It: The Birth of the PB Series

I just had the most amazing time chatting with Joelle Barros. Such a great child. Her next time in will be for a story line with me. Truthfully, over the past few months I’ve spent, out of necessity, most of my time behind the camera. Not my favorite place.

That being said, here is the Pixie’s Preview of our Schoolgirl shoot with Joelle. Just click on the image.




It was a few months ago when I wanted to change things up a bit at PB.  Through most of our history we shot about twelve scenes per shoot. We had two tops and three bottoms. Each story that we shot was separate from the others. In Ocotober of 2010 we shot a series entiltled ‘ Aunt Veronica’s Rules’ with Lorraine and Veronica Bound. It had an intimacy I loved. Pixie and I shot that togther. People loved it.


 To see the trailer just click on the image above.


It is available at our site



and on DVD



Thus was born our series concept. As I said before, I find this a much more intimate and talent friendly way to shoot. Do tell me what you think.


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11 Responses to “Just In Case You Missed It: The Birth of the PB Series”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I like the series concept. It gives a much more integrated story than just one scene. It tells the rest of the story, so to speak. It also has the quality of the “can’t wait to see what happens next” aspect to it. Great idea.

  • Hi Bobby Jo. I agree. It also prevents the cast of a thousand feel.


  • Bobbie Jo:

    I hadn’t thought of the “cast of a thousand” part of it. That makes sense. You sure don’t want something like this: See it now! A cast of a thousand! All lined up outside of Pricipal David Pierson’s office!

    I hope will will have Bronte back sometime and maybe some continuing smart alec attitudes from Taylor. Will they ever learn? Probably not.

    Hope you will be able to be in front of the camera when you get over this %$^& PE! Take it easy.

  • I’d could work with Bronte every week. next month back on camera

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Great! I look forward to that.

  • Me too. Actually, I leaned how to direct and be on camera with three cams rolling.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Wow. How busy that must be. LOL

  • I have to agree I like the series concept as well. What you could do is shoot a few series at a time but release them intermixed, one episode per week or something like that. This way it maintains variety as well continuity of some stories.

  • H Enzo, I think that’s how we are proceeding. I am glad you guys like this. Coming soon ‘ The Penance of a School Girl’ and Mary Jane’s Punishements. The Contact is still playing. The College Girl And The Nanny and Art & Discipline are still going as well.

  • BTW: Pixie has a surprise for you guys. This is brilliant!