Just In Time For Christmas: Spanking & Nudity








Some find spanking and full nudity as controversial . I am not one of those. I think it provides and extra level of vulnerability with regard to the discipline being administered .



I remember our first scene. This story  entitled ‘ Shower Girl’ featured the legend of fetish video, Sarah Jane Ceylon. Some how it just seems to make for a nice scene when a girl is pulled from a shower or tub to be spanked.



nudity2 nudity3 nudity4 nudity5


It was a few years between nude scenes, but out next time we featured Charlie Skye in a story called the ” Clothes On Your Back’. In other words, Veronica Was telling Charlie to remove said clothes.
















We did a cute video with lily Anna called ‘ Wip’em Out Wednesday’ . Her mother whipped something for sure.


nudity9 nudity10 nudity11


Then there as our scene with Mischa AKA Katie PXE Powers in a tale called ‘ Locker Room Pranks’






nudity12 nudity13 nudity14




Then , shot the same day as the one above was ‘ A Dancer’s Discipline’ with Angelina and Veronica.




nudity15 nudity16 nudity17


It was about a year later when I revisited the subject.

This story is called ‘ Dancing Naked’ with Angelina and Lady Azul.



nudity18 nudity19




We’ve had Gianna Love and her spacial sauce naked many times.  Below is a scene entitled ‘ Shower Interrupted ‘

nudity20 nudity21


And here she is with Julie Simone in a story called ‘ Fire Alarm’










Then there is the amazing Dia Zerva in a story we named ‘ Called To Account’.


nudity27 nudity28




How about some Christmas Pie..er I mean Pi.  The scene is called ‘ Shower Power’. Why? I don’t know. When I wrote the scene, I know it wasn’t called that.



Here is more Pi being spanked by Joelle Barros in ‘ Good Impression’




nudity33 nudity34











Here is am spanking our new webmaster. In this scene she played my ex-wife, my favorite ex too

















Then we have Audrey in ‘ Sunbathing’.




nudity29 nudity30




There is more on our site.  I think that if every scene was done without clothes, it would lose the bit of spice that it adds. But on the occasion when it fits the story, I will definitely go there.



Tomorrow, I have a Family thing in the city. Pandora will have the update up and I can check it by phone. She is doing a terrific job as our mew webmaster and she has been working closely with me on delivering the right presentation.



I want to send out special Christmas wishes to my Punishedbrats family. So Merry Christmas to Pixie, Veronica ( who is doing much better), Mr. Michael Valentine, Joelle Barros , Audrey , Miss Pandora and all of our brats.


A very Merry Christmas to all of you who have supported us over the years.


Here is Audrey with Pixie saying , ” I got your Christmas Wish right here”.













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