Justice: Love and Punishment








Audrey and Ami Mercury




Ami confronted her stepmother as to how she discovered that she had spent the evening with her boss. It turned out that Audrey was planning on doing so too, and the boss had hoped for a three way. To keep Ami from telling her Daddy about her infidelity, Audrey was made to take a hard and humiliating spanking. This spanking began upon the seat of her fashionable skirt, then her lovely panties, then her bare bottom.


After giving her shapely stepmother a hard hand spanking, Ami applied the wooden paddle to Audrey’s already sore bottom. Afterwards they discovered a new closeness.


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John Waters refers to this as good bad taste.



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Ami Mercury and Audrey








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One Response to “Justice: Love and Punishment”

  • Tim:

    Gorgeous Audrey is well spanked by young Ami . Look forward to young Delerious Hunter soon being spanked by Audrey and yourself .best , Tim .