Kitty’s Saturday Morning Spanking



Kitty’s Saturday Morning Spanking


Kitty Catherine and Skyler Grey



Kitty knew she was in for a spanking when her mother angrily told her that they would be having a talk the next morning. The night before, Kitty had turned on her TV at 3 AM and awakened her mother. This was not the first time.

Kitty meekly arrived to this meeting only to find her fears of a spanking correct. After a brief conversation, she was taken over her mother’s lap, her PJ bottoms were taken down, and a hard spanking ensued. Soon, she found herself sobbing as her mother’s firm hand landed upon her bare bottom. Through her tears and snot she promised not to do it again.

As Mom spanked Kitty’s bare bottom, tears streamed down her face as she promised to never turn on the TV at such a late hour. Once Kitty’s mom was certain that her daughter had learned her lesson, she was marched to a hard wooden chair and made to place her sore bare bottom upon it. Kitty could not quell the sobs and snot emanating from her face as she did her best to rub the pain from her very sore bottom.



Kitty is such a wonderful child and a brilliant young woman.  She has the soul of a child and yet is quite cosmopolitan in experience and intellect .


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