Lady Bianca’s Ordeal Two part 1: ( sounds like a bible verse)

exqusite torment 2



Ordeal Two part 1



Bianca Rose and Veronica Bound




After being given a rest, Lady Bianca was taken down from the St. Andrews Cross and dragged into a room and thrust over Veronica’s lap. With her nation and the world watching, The Lady Bianca cried out as Veronica spanked her. Bianca was shocked at how much pain the chief integrator could inflict with just her hand on her naked bottom and soon she gave up any hope of maintaining any bit of dignity as she could do nothing but cry and plead for mercy.


ordeal21-2 ordeal21-3 ordeal21-4 ordeal21-5



Here are a few stills from the movie


ordealvg21-1 ordealvg21-2 ordealvg21-3 ordealvg21-4 ordealvg21-5 ordealvg21-6 ordealvg21-7 ordealvg21-8 ordealvg21-9 ordealvg21-10 ordealvg21-11 ordealvg21-12 ordealvg21-13 ordealvg21-14




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2 Responses to “Lady Bianca’s Ordeal Two part 1: ( sounds like a bible verse)”

  • ZZtop:

    Bianca is so hot and she has a very spankable bottom. Its sad she doesnt want to do an mf scene :(, it would be great a classic schoolgirl otk hand spanking scene.