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 We have just completed the edits from last Sunday’s shoot and I am thrilled with the results. Here are a few sneak pics from Pixie. Captions by Pixie as well.

Tomboy Lorraine needed a little encouragement to wear something other than her softball uniform to an important dinner party.



Can you believe Veronica gave me a spanking for “helping” her test some perfume? She has no appreciation for Plum Passion fragrance nor my enthusiastic sales technique.


And Lily Anna spent some reflection time right where she belongs. The corner.

 I unexpectedly had an extended conversation with Joelle Barros this evening. She was very excited about her debut on our site in the video entitled ‘Pot Bust’. She told me ” I looked hot” and then giggled. Need to bring her back soon. Aside from her more obvious charms, she is entusiastic about doing this work.

Also, we have added a new video to our Clips4sale store.                             The video is called ‘ Project Revenge’

         Tired of her classmate, Tina Tink, making her do all the work on their team project, Amanda plots a little revenge. She suggests to Tina’s mom that her daughter could use a good spanking. And much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees. Tina’s bottom is spanked to a glowing red as her classmate listens to her howls from the doorway.

 I will do a piece on Tina Tink soon. She is colorful, to say the least.

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