L’Enfant Terrible

PUNISHED-BRATS-SPANKING   L’Enfant Terrible with Kitty Catherine and Audrey     terrible1-1     When Kitty threw a temper tantrum when told it was time for bed, big sister Audrey knew that it was time for truly drastic measures. She dragged little sister upstairs, put her in bed, and removed her PJ bottoms. Upon her return, Kitty was horrified to see Audrey with a diaper in hand. Audrey noted that if she was to act as a baby she would be treated accordingly. When Audrey lifted Kitty’s legs to put on the diaper, the brat protested this degrading treatment. Audrey was prepared for Kitty’s reaction and began to give little sister a hard spanking in legs up-diaper position.   With her legs held in the up position this gave Audrey plenty of sensitive areas to spank. As Audrey’s hand and leather paddled landed hard against Kitty’s exposed bottom and thighs, all Kitty could do was cry. After the spanking, Audrey rubbed lotion on kitty’s sore bottom and finished diapering her. The now diapered girl was instructed that she was not to get our of bed for any reason. Kitty asked, “what if I have to pee?” To which Audrey responded, “Then I will come in and change you.”     terrible1-2 terrible1-3 terrible1-4 terrible1-5 terrible1-6 terrible1-7 terrible1-8 terrible1-9 terrible1-10 terrible1-11 terrible1-12 terrible1-13 terrible1-14 terrible1-15 terrible1-16 terrible1-18 terrible2-1 terrible2-2 terrible2-3 terrible2-4 terrible2-5 terrible2-6 terrible2-7 terrible2-8 terrible2-9 terrible2-10 terrible2-11 terrible2-12 terrible2-13 terrible2-14


Every time I shoot with Kitty I am reminded of what a special person she is. When first we shot she came in by bus and I went to pick her up at the greyhound terminal. There was a girl dressed in PJ’s and carrying a teddy bear there, but I was afraid to approach as she looked so much younger than her age. It was her. Upon reaching my house she went for a shower and after a 12 hour bus ride I expected to be in need of a nap. I booked this as an evening shoot.  After her shower I thought she’d be napping but instead this lovely human was on my computer and dancing to Japanese pop music..naked.   I immediately called Bianca and we started the shoot as soon as she arrived. Everyone in the business loves Kitty. She isn’t just a loveable childlike human she is highly educated and intelligent. I approached her cautiously about the ‘My Little One’ series.  She was cool with it even the diaper scene as she is a ” little”.  She was thrilled to shoot with Audrey too.


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