Literary Etiquette




Dark Dance IV: Literary Etiquette


Nadia White and Delirious Hunter





The morning after her first night with the Delirious Hunter, Nadia questioned if the night prior had been merely a dream. One look under the covers revealed it had not been. A bit afraid, the girl took a look around the room and her eyes set upon a manuscript that Delirious had been working on.

She couldn’t help but take a look and read that which she had not been given permission to read. So engrossed was she in reading the work of the great artist, that she failed to notice her presence in the room. The hunter was furious and promised her a lesson she would not soon forget.

She took the naked Nadia and bent her over the bed and gave her a hard hand spanking while verbally chastising her new object of desire. Then, she took a lather paddle to her already sore bottom.

Wanting to give Nadia a unique sensation of pain, the hunter took out her punishment claws and raked then over her red bottom. Suddenly, Nadia felt the cheeks of her bottom spread and the points on the claws touching her most sensitive parts.

Delirious Hunter then took a thick strap to the little one’s bottom, stopping only to strap Nadia’s feet. After she was satisfied that the little brat had learned her learned lesson, Nadia was sent to the corner with her bottom on display. The Delirious Hunter then lied upon the bed, pleasuring herself as she admired her handiwork.

Then, she called Nadia over wondering why she was pleasuring herself while there was such a pretty mouth available to serve that purpose.




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This dance is truly dark and painful


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