Lorraine: A member of the family

We were introduced to Lorraine by our good friend Angelina. Two more divergent personalities you couldn’t find. Lorraine is bubbly, loquacious and funny. Angelina is quiet. We love them both. Lorraine was also friends with Juliet Valentina.

Lorraine modeled her way through college.  She was then known as Sweet  Little Lorraine. ( I still think of her that way) The shot of Lorraine and Angelina were taken by the noted fetish photographer Michael Diamond.

 She first shot with us in January of 2010. She looked so young I checked her ID a few times. The fan response to her was overwhelming.




All of the pics above were from her first shoot. Lorraine is a highly intelligent young woman who has been a good friend to me and PB.  There is much more to come from Lorraine.

Just click on the image below for more .

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4 Responses to “Lorraine: A member of the family”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    The fourth picture of Lorraine is so cute with her sad eyes conveying a “why did you do this to me” look. Just like asking for sympathy for her very hot, red bottom, and, of course, there isn’t any. 🙁 But, she didn’t really want any in the first place. ;-D

  • Yeah,,that is Lorraine..so cute you almost don’t want to spank her…almost. Well, actulally I love to spank her.

  • Tim S.:

    Lorraine is just amazing!!! She is very,very pretty and just absolutely adorable. I’m a huge fan!!! I would love to see much more of her. (Tennis outfit,school girl,cheerleader,farmers daughter, very short shorts). I would love to see her take some VERY HARD hand spanking by both you David & Rad (if he’s available). I know I’m sounding like a broken record but I have loved her since she appeared in “The Pout”. She had long hair,short skirt & a very lovely bouncing bottom as she protested while receiving her spanking. AWESOME!!!

  • She has taken several hard spankings from me, V and Beverly