Mandie & Amber Pixie wells: The Movie




Mandie & Amber Pixie Wells: A Movie In Three Parts



The Cheerleader Forgets Her Routine


Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie wells






The Cheerleader Forgets Her Routine
Miss Wells was very upset with Mandie when she completely forgot her routine during the homecoming game. Miss Wells demands the best of her team and is a strict disciplinarian. When Mandie could not provide a good answer as to why she performed so poorly, Miss Wells took the brat over her lap and gave her a good spanking. The punishment started over her panties, but a shriek of “no” reverberated through the halls as the irate coach lowered her panties and spanked her hard. Mandie pleaded with Miss Wells to stop the spanking as the irate cheerleader coach rains down spank after hard spank to the brats bare bottom. Long gone is Mandie’s concern about her dignity; what she wants now is the fire that has been lit upon her bottom to be extinguished. Once her punishment was concluded Mandie was made to stand in the corner and repeat over and over ” Two four six eight , who do we appreciate?”. This was more of a whimper than a cheer.



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Good Girl Spanked



Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells






Mandie had always been such a good girl that it came as a shock to her mother that her well behaved daughter would say unkind things to Mary, the nice girl who lived next door. Marys mother was most upset and brought the matter to her friend, Amber. This earned little Mandie a spanking over her mother’s lap with the hairbrush. The spanking was interrupted when Mandies come to the door and informed Amber how upset Mary was over the incident. Amber informed Mary’s mom that she was in the process of dealing with the issue at the very moment. Returing to the living room in which the discipline was taking place Amber informed her daughter that the rrest of her discipline would be applied to her bare bottom. Mandie whined “Please, that’s too embarrassing. Her mother responded I feel that it is necessary. As soon as the hairbrush met Mandie’s bare bottom, all thought of embarrassment quickly dissipated. Amber was very disappointed in her daughter, who is usually such a good girl and rarely shows any signs of meanness. She spanked her daughter hard and with love. After her spanking was over, Mandie was required to place her bare bottom immediately upon the wooden chair upon which she was spanked. She whimpered as her red bottom touched the wood beneath her. Her mother placed the hairbrush in her hands to think about her behavior. While sitting upon her sore bottom Mandie felt humiliated and also sorry for letting her mother down.



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Caught In The Act



Mandie Rae and Amber Pixie Wells





Mandies mother couldnt have arrived home at a worse time. Mandie had secretly watched one of her fathers (Scott) spanking DVDs. Just as she was in the midst of pleasuring herself, in walked her mom. Mom was not at all pleased and thought that if her daughter enjoys watching spanking, perhaps she needed to experience it in reality. Mandie’s mom took a hairbrush to the seat of her daughters jeans. After several swats, much to mandie’s humiliation, she was required to stand and take down her pants. With less protection the hairbrush hurt much more. Suddenly, Mandie’s mom grabbed her daughters panties and started to lower them. Mandie tried to stop her but her hand was slapped away and now her punishment continued on her red, exposed bottom.As the hairbrush smacks her bare bottom over and over again, Mandie quickly discerned the difference between a titillating fantasy and the reality of hard corporal punishment. She begged her mother to stop but her punishment continued until it was clear that the lesson had been learned. Following the spanking, Mandies mother placed the bratty girl in the corner with her red bottom on display. Then mom went to find her husband, as it was his spanking video that Mandie had been watching. A loud” Scott !” was heard reverberating throughout the house.


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This was fun. Several requests came in for this and we put in a lot of time upgrading the video and making it a single movie.


Changes will soon be coming to PB.  I have a group helping out with website redesign, marketing and other matters. If you see on Twitter a person Name@punishedbrats that is one of our people.

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When it comes right down to it the only way to survive is through member support. Some do a lot of custom video work and that helps. I was speaking with Pixie a little while back and she believed that those who want customs prefer dealing with women.  I have done several custom vids in the past but our best customer was a terrific elderly man from Florida.  He passed on before he got to see the last of the productions he commissioned.

Ultimately, all of us in the industry require support to continue to produce new work.  We have been in an awful state since December and it hasn’t gotten better this month either. In December I had planned to bring in Ten for a shoot with Miss Lisa. Due to a total lack of funds that had to be cancelled.

On Thursday I am personally financing a shoot. No PB money involved.  It is unlikely that I would do that again.  I already invested a great deal in PB and it should be standing on its own. I am aware that you can find some free material out on Pirate sites and I consider the ” Tube ” sites in that category. Well over 90% of what is posted there is not done with the producers permission.

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    In someway you are right, I’m torn about showing things already seen..but what we are doing is giving the viewer a dvd for their membership. This is good feedback , what we are doing is by request. You are right though, our sales are so bad that I had to kill the December shoot with Ten..sales have been so horrible. All December and January have been disasters. Out of my pocket I just paid for a shoot with Kitty Catherine and Audrey. Last time I do that. PB needs to stand on its own . Truth be told, we are one of the most pirated websites there is. That reality is killing the industry