Mandie Rae: Future Shocked?




Saturday was a very special day. I think we shot something very new and different . A bit edgy .  This was a true collaborative work as all of those who participated added something to this production .   This is the first in a series of videos that, for now, I will call” Mr. Pierson’s Punishment Theater ” , The basic idea here is on discipline of a more severe nature.


It was a few weeks ago when Mandie and I first spoke. She had replied to a posting about the series on Fetlife.  Upon seeing photographs of Miss Mandie I was torn. She is youthful and cute. I expressed my concerns that we could be squandering her natural cuteness in this more severe series.





It took Mandie about ten seconds to say ” Why don’t we just do both’.   The severe discipline i had in mind with a few domestic scenes too. My working title was ‘Future Shocked’. Mandie came up with the idea of ‘Three Strikes’.


Mandie came up with the concept that night on the phone. I wrote the script and Mr. Valentine added several changes that made they story better.



Three Strikes is a story about a young girl who was arrested for the third time , her offense being the theft and drinking of Tequila underage . The story is set in the not to distant future. A time when corporal punishment is used for low risk offenders.  Instead of  expensive jail time, such offenders report to punishment camp.


Mandie had hoped that her father and his lawyers would save her once again. She was shocked to find that her father supported her going to the Punishment Camp. First he was going to administer some discipline of his own.





mandie1 mandie2 mandie3


Upon arrival to the camp, Mandie is subjected to the ministrations of the evil Nurse Audrey. ( Her actual job title) Mandie was given the strap for mouthing off and then subjected to humiliation at the hands of Nurse Audrey.


mandie4 mandie4a mandie4b mandie4c





Then it was time to face the disciplinarian, Mr. Pierson  . He spanks Mandie with an otk paddle and many tears where shed.











After her spanking, Mandie is required to sit upon the spiked Punishment Chair.














Painful as it was to sit upon the spiked chair, getting off of it seemed to cause more distress.














The above frames are exactly as happened when Mandie was getting off of the chair.



On Fetlife,  Mandie commented


This is my “holy fuck that sucks” face



I think we shot something special. A long time ago I was taught the pain suffered by a bottom at a tops hands if a gift that is not given, nor should it be received lightly. Mandie gave us all a very special gift last Saturday

Mandie is a brilliant young woman who I hope graces our stage often. She is a highly educated child.



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