Mandie: Tears and and a spirit that can not be tamed





Tomorrow night we begin the ‘Discipline Camp’ portion of out ‘Three Strikes’ series.  As I was editing the pics for tomorrow night I found a series of photos that were amazing. During the discipline camp section of the shoot. Mandie sobbed through her punishment,


head1 head2 head3 head4 head5




To me, tears  are a precious gift, never to be wasted or taken lightly. As she cried after a hard punishment i captured her gifts with the camera.







IMG_1814_edited IMG_1822_edited IMG_1824_edited IMG_1827_edited IMG_1840_edited IMG_1843_edited

Ever the precocious brat, Mandie gave us a little something extra after



So tomorrow see Mandie examined by the evil Nurse Audrey.







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