Manipulation: Sarah Gregory’s first spanking by a gentleman

 I had a wonderful conversation with the amazing Sarah Gregory today.  Since Miss Gregory started with us many years ago, she has come a long way.  She has become a true star in the business.  As we chatted we talked about the time I spanked her and was the first person with a Y chromosome to punish her bottom.  ‘ Manipulation’ is one my favorite videos.  A true discipline spanking. Here are the pics from the videos.






Poor Sarah.

To see this amazing video just click on the image below.


2 Responses to “Manipulation: Sarah Gregory’s first spanking by a gentleman”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I like this video, too. It portrays what kids will do if they can get away with it. It was a good scene and both of you did a really good job and Sarah found out she was no longer going to be able to manipulate “Mom and Dad.” Is this the one that she wasn’t forthcoming about the condition of her bottom? It wouldn’t surprise me if it was. :-)

  • Rainer:

    Memories are the best! 😀