Many Thanks To All Of You on behalf of The PB Family

I must thank all of your for your kind emails and postings all over the net.  This was a sad day for me. It was the first day since Rick’s death that I had no business to attend to. I have been informed that dontations to have been way up .

Here is another of Rick’s videos. Oliver Ekman-Larsson Authentic Jersey

One Response to “Many Thanks To All Of You on behalf of The PB Family”

  • Angie Wackler:


    I am so sorry for your loss, no words can express the loss that you have just experienced or help to make it any better. But I wanted to thank you for sharing your brother’s you tube videos with the rest of us. Almost three years ago my Mom died of lung cancer at the tender age of 61 after fighting the vicious diease for 13 months. I loved how Rick talked about killing the saying that “they lost their battle with cancer” I have never liked that term myself. Watching all of his videos gave me another insight into what it was like for my Mom to fight for her health and life, as did your brother.

    I guess it was their time, although we never want to see our loved ones go before us. Your brother was a true talent and I am happy to see you and Pixie carrying on with the work of PB which is one of the best sites on the web.

    I wish you the best in this long journey ahead.