Mari’s Naughty Bath





Mari’s Naughty Bath


Mari Sladen and Audrey







Instead of being in class where she belonged, big sister found Mari at home pleasuring herself in the bathtub. Mari was permitted to stay with her sister so long as she kept up with her school work. Mari was dragged from the tub, taken over Audrey’s lap, and spanked.
Once Audrey had finished spanking her little sister until her bottom was a mixture of colors used by an abstract artist, Mari was made to stand naked in the corner with her bottom of many colors on display.




tub1-2 tub1-3 tub1-4 tub1-5 tub2-1 tub2-2 tub2-3 tub2-5 tub2-6


Now a few stills from the movie




tubvg1-1 tubvg1-2 tubvg1-3 tubvg1-4 tubvg1-5 tubvg1-6 tubvg1-7 tubvg1-8 tubvg1-9 tubvg1-10 tubvg1-11 tubvg2-1 tubvg2-2 tubvg2-3 tubvg2-4 tubvg2-5 tubvg2-6 tubvg2-7 tubvg2-8 tubvg2-9 tubvg2-10 tubvg2-11 tubvg2-12 tubvg2-13 tubvg2-14












I really loved shooting this material. Mari and Audrey had terrific chemistry .  You really should join us here at PBS -PunishedBratsSpanking



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