Math Tutor or what percentage of your bottom remains uninjured?





Math Tutor



Audrey and Amber Pixie Wells













Audrey was doing poorly in calculus and enlisted the services of the best math tutor at the university. Miss Wells will not tolerate anything less than her students best efforts. When Audrey failed to do her assignment , she found herself over her tutor’s lap for a hard spanking with a hairbrush over the seat of her tight jeans, panties and then, bare bottom. As she was being spanked, Audrey was required to keep her eyes on the paper containing her undone assignments.


Pixie instructs Audrey in the basic laws of mathematics as the hairbrush falls upon Audrey’s bottom in intervals of 2.3725 seconds. Audrey promised her stern instructor that from here on she will be putting forth more effort. Upon completion of her punishment , Audrey is left to stand by the chair upon which she was punished and work on math problems with her bare spanked bottom exposed.




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Good news kids. Look for the Mandie Series to start this Wednesday . It was a tough edit. Look for our new, improved video quality too.







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