Model Behavior: The Entire Sordid Tale



Scene 1: Poor Work Ethic


Nikki is a model notorious for being late and with a bad attitude to match. Being as she and Nikki had been friends in the past, the legendary photographer Julie Simone hired her for an early morning shoot. Nikki showed up hours late, as is her way. Nikki was found to be worried as Julie returned to the studio from going out for coffee. Nikki apologized for being late, but Julie wasn’t impressed. What was it this time? Your goldfish died? Julie asked. Julie decided to press on with the shoot and instructed the model to prepare for the shoot a series of nudes. When a naked Nikki returned to the studio she quickly found herself over the photographers lap for a very hard spanking. As Julie’s hands fell over and over upon the naked model’s bottom, Nikki pleaded for the punishment to stop. Julie was unmoved and continued to spank the bratty model while explaining how her behavior cost her money. After the spanking, Julie made Nikki pose for picture immediately after the spanking with tears streaming down her face and her red bottom on display. Nikki felt humiliated and worried as she had no idea what Julie intended to do with the photographs.







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Scene 2: A Lesson in Lingerie


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In hopes of improving Nicki’s work ethic, Julie had booked the difficult model for the entire week. During their first session Julie gave her bratty muse a hard spanking in hopes of improving her attitude. On This day, Nikki arrived late and seemed to have exhausted her energy at a party the night before. Suddenly, Nikki found herself bent over the photographer’s chair with Julie’s hard hand landing upon the seat of her lacey panties. Soon the panties were lowered and Nikki screamed as the irate photographer gave her model an intense lesson in lingerie. As Julie spanks the model with the bad attitude towards work, Nikki promises to improve if only this painful lesson would end.




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Scene 3: Negligee Nightmare







This is the third day of Julie’s attempt to make Nikki a better model. The theme of the day was energy. Julie was called away for a quick phone call. When she returned she found Nikki sleeping. Julie decided to instill a lot of energy into this shoot by giving her model a bare bottom spanking. As the hairbrush fell upon the lazy model’s exposed bottom, her cries reverberated through Julie’s large studio.





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Scene 4: Critical Mistake






Julie took Nikki along for moral support as she had an important exhibition of her photographs at a major gallery in town. When Nikki heard criticism coming from an influential art critics’ mouth the impulsive model gave the fellow a piece of her mind. By the time they were back at Julie’s studio the artist was seething. She took Nikki and bent her over the arm of her sofa and gave her a very hard spanking. Julie, being the amazing artist she is, turned Nikki’s bottom into an abstract painting suitable for framing. Afterward, Nikki was made to face the wall for the rest of the night so Julie could admire her handiwork.




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Scene 5: Wisdom Imparted







Today is the fifth day of Nikki’s modeling assignment for Julie. Instead of having her pose, the irritated artist instructed her model to lift her skirt and lower her panties. At first, Nikki tried to protest but she was quickly overwhelmed by Julie’s commanding nature. She placed her difficult model hands on the wall of her loft studio, and spanked her very hard, all the while giving instructions as what a good model does and does not do. Once Julie completed spanking Nikki and instructing her on what a good model should be, she provided further instruction on what she shouldn’t do, and that to never ask to shoot for her again.




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There is a reason that I used a Joelle banner at the top of the page. Joelle came all of the way from NYC to help me shoot this story. I had told her that Audrey had taken a job that required her to work Saturdays. Joelle graciously offered her services to run camera for us.

On that day, we shot in one of the best studios I’ve ever shot in.  It was in one of those fashionably bad neighborhoods in Philadelphia, directly across from a Hansen Cab stable. The lighting was amazing. I had told the folks who ran the studio  of our intent that day, however I don’t think they or I were prepared for Nikki’s response to the very hard hand of Julie Simone. It sounded as if we were doing surgery without anesthetic.  After scene 3 I didn’t think Nikki or I could go on, so Joelle prepared to take her place. Nikki argued that she could deal with Julie’s hand. After conferring with Joelle it was agreed to let Nikki go forward. The screaming went on for two more scenes.


A few weeks later I had inquired about renting the studio again.  We were turned down as it seems they disapproved of the torture and burning of witches. ( yes it was that loud)



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