Mom Knows Best: Episodes 4-5 and the Entire Series



Episode 4: Can’t Fight It



Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa







Bianca informed her mother that she told her Headmaster to go to hell. She regretted doing so and immediately apologized. Her mother appreciated her honesty but noted that she was still going to be spanked. Bianca hoped to take this punishment well. Unfortunately, the moment she felt the pain from her mother’s powerful hand all attempts at maintaining her composure were abandoned in favor of tears and pleading for the punishment to end. Bianca’s spanking began over her skirt, then on her panties. Then her regulation school whites were lowered and now her spanking was administered to her bare bottom. After the spanking, Bianca’s mother lectured the teary eyed girl regarding her recent behavior. Bianca promised to do better with her sore, red bottom serving as motivation.




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Episode 5: First Week Home



Bianca Rose and Miss Lisa





Bianca is now a freshman in college and is happy with her new adult to adult relationship with her mother. That was until her mother angrily approached her with a two hundred dollar ticket for underage drinking. Suddenly the college girl found herself over her mother’s lap and being spanked while she pleads for forgiveness. After her spanking was over, Bianca’s mother warned her that her next bare bottom spanking would happen at school should she get cited for underage drinking again.


home1-2 home1-3 home1-4 home1-5 home1-6

I love everything about this series and I think you will too , especially in its entirety . This was Bianca’s first time with us and it was just the beginning for this amazing brat. Miss Lisa is terrific too.

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Okay, one thing here. The above preview will please the pantie  people but there is no bare bottom to be seen so I cut a preview myself for those who believe that spankings are best delivered to the bare.


Can’t Fight It




First Week Home



Good night kids

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