More dish on the ‘ Dirty Dishes’ movie and previews from last Saturday’s shoot

Many of you asked if there was in fact a contract. Need you have asked?


Last week we had a terrific shoot with new brat, Audrey, and new top. Alexis Steele. Pixie put this essay togther.

Introducing two new Punished Brats cast members



and Alexis Steele


Bratty Audrey was so out of control that her dad David not only had to give her an intense spanking ...


but he had to hire strict nanny Alexis to keep an eye on her while he was out of town.


I also chance to join in on the spanking action and disciplined Alexis for being a bit of a naughty nanny. Unfortunately due to an equipment malfunction, the photos from this scene were not properly recorded, but I will be posting video grabs. As you can see, Alexis had her hands clasped together praying that I would stop paddling her bottom. No such luck as this was just the beginning.


So stay turned to Punished Brats kids lots more to come. Click on the pic of an upcoming episode of ‘The Contract’ to go to our site.

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