Mr. Michael Valentine: a valuable addition to the family


At Punishedbrats, we’ve always prided ourselves in creating an family sort of atmosphere. It was easier back when we shot out larger shoots with three bottoms ( one being pixie) and as many as three tops. ( one always being me). Michael Valentine has become the latest addition to our family. While he is using an implement in the pic above, this gentleman is blessed with very large hands. 
reminds me of Ralph Marvel in the respect.





The pic above if from the series in which he broke into the scene. A series that he co-produced and starred in with Joelle Barros.



Family Therapy Works

Family Therapy Works



He very much got a rise out of the every so bratty Kayleigh May. Trust me, if a brat ever deserved a hard spanking it would be she.


Last Sunday, we did a terrific, yet unplanned shoot. It was to have been Tara to take our abuse, not Audrey. Due to various circumstances that I talked of earlier in the week, Tara could not shoot. I had enlisted the help of Audrey to work a camera. Her pay grade went way up when Tara could not shoot and she was pressed into action.


I was a bit worried for Audrey. She takes a good spanking but starting the day with three consecutive punishments from Amber Wells is a daunting task for anyone. I wasn’t that worried about Tara. He pain tolerance is very good. I am sure that she doesn’t know how hardcore she is.

casual1 casual2 casual3 casual4 casual5


She survived me and Julie Simone.


Audrey was a trooper and suffered the pain of Miss Wells hand, belt and hairbrush.












I haven’t prepared pics of Mr. Valentine spanking Audrey from that shoot, but her are a few pics with the large hands of Mr. Valentine striking the lovely round bottom of Audrey.







On Sunday,  Mr. Valentine gave Audrey and us, the gift of pain and Audrey gave us all the treasured gift of her tears. Neither acts are gifts given lightly.



















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