Mr. Valentine’s Office. A good place to avoid





Mr. Valentine’s Office




Pandie and Mr. Valentine







Being summoned to Mr. Valentine’s office sparks fear in of all students at “The Amber Wells Academy”. Just as she has been misbehaving at home so has she been at school. Upon arrival to Mr. Valentine’s office she is informed that she is be spanked and soon finds herself over the principal’s lap. Mr. Valentine was not amused when he lifted the girl’s skirt and saw that she was wearing “Bat -Panties”. As her spanking began and the pain from her spanking was becoming unbearable, she wished that Batman would come to her rescue. She blushed with humiliation as her panties were lowered and her punishment was delivered upon her bare bottom.


Despite her pleas for her spanking to stop, Headmaster Valentine’s large hands descends upon Pandie’s bare bottom time and again. Just as she thought her painful and humiliating punishment was over, the brat was informed that she was to receive several swats with the school paddle.







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