My dinner with Adr, er Michael Valentine

I had a terrific time, having dinner with Michael Valentine. Mr. Valentine is doing his best to educate me on issues technological. ¬†We drank ate terrific Pizza and drank some Medoc. In the process, Michael explained ” The Cloud’ to me. That I understood it at all says much for Mr. Valentine. In truth, Michael and is helping me explore the possibilities in brining¬†Punishedbrats to you in new ways. Stay tuned kids.



2 Responses to “My dinner with Adr, er Michael Valentine”

  • Michael Valentine:

    I think the title may be too obscure for most of your readers, but I’m delighted to be confused with Andre Gregory.

    I had a great time as well. I’ve done some preliminary research on the the things we discussed and will get back to you soon.

  • I’m Wallace Shawn with more hair